Mar 16, 2010

Good words.

Fred Free is an American artist I came across on deviantART in 2007 and have followed ever since. He posted the following on his journal today and I found it so uplifting I'd like to share it...

"it's been 20 years since i quit my full time tedious and taxing architect job to go figure things out while wandering around europe for what seemed like forever at the time. it was about 7 weeks. i'm bringing it up (again) because the choice i made back then turned out to be a huge life-turning around move that affects everything about my world to this day. and all in a good way. so if you ever find yourself in a rut you think you're stuck in for the rest of time - a few years out of college like i was - or whenever - just do what you have to do and make your own life again. it'll most likely be worth it. [end of sermon]"

Image from Fred's deviantART page.